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KAD Audio K-series

Designed with Purity & Symmetry in mind.


Designed for the human voice

Music began with the human voice. Telling a story by other means than words or gestures. Later we started to add other instruments. Drums, plucking, whistling appeared. Therefore, KAD Audio is built around the human voice, to deliver the pure message that the artist brings.


All-in-one active


No nonsense, no cables. The only cable to connect is the power cable. Seven drivers provide a source-independent speaker that creates pure sound. It can reproduce the frequencies of techno, rock, classical and jazz with precision and transparency.


Symmetric sound

targeted at the listener

The lowest possible impact on sound coloration is achieved by eliminating the walls, floor and ceiling as much as possible. Interaction with the room should be avoided and the sound should be directed directly to the listener. This is why the design philosophy includes symmetry. Active cardioid bass and an MTM configuration based on d'Appolito were implemented to ensure the purity of every note.


No compressed audio

Higher quality than a CD. This may sound strange, but it's a big step up from the current MP3 streaming culture. The WiSa connection to your speakers allows for studio master quality streaming. Perfect bits and no compression.


Simple to set up

Thirty minutes after unpacking, your audio system is set up and ready to use. Connect a streaming device, CD player or record player.


Built to last

Because every component is replaceable. This is a speaker that will be enjoyed for years to come. The wooden cabinet is carefully handcrafted by a local Dutch supplier. KAD Audio aims to pass on the artist's message to the next generation, so our products reflect this.


Play at any time

Saving energy

If you are not using your KAD system, why is it on? If you are not listening to music, it will automatically switch off. Don't worry, it's still on low power standby. There are simple technological solutions to save energy. At the touch of a button, the motor inside our system starts spinning and playing with amazing clarity.


KAD K5 Series

Each K5 contains five speakers, forming a two-way system with an integrated dual subwoofer.

KAD series K7r K7EVOKAD series K7r K7EVO

KAD K7 Series

The KAD K7 loudspeaker system has a typical frequency transfer between 24Hz and 24kHz @ -3dB, and a group delay < 1msec from 250Hz; each K7 contains 7 speaker units.

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